You’ve gotta celebrate the wins

One of my favourite sayings is ‘You’ve gotta celebrate the wins’ because I think there are so many small wins that can go unnoticed when we are overwhelmed in life but all these little wins add up.

I’ve spent the best part of three months in a state of overwhelmed emotion, barely able to breath at times due to the severe feelings of anxiety that have enveloped me. But today I sit here comfortable, with no feelings of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. My husband busily cooking away in the kitchen and my son napping like a champ in his room – a truly relaxed Sunday afternoon.

This picture of our little family is a far cry from our everyday life…but it is the here and now. I haven’t had an intrusive thought about my son all day, (until just now but I think that’s because I started writing this post and my mind suddenly told itself ‘ I have been far too calm and dignified today so lets stir the pot’).

So this is the win I am celebrating today.

I think the next important step to this win is to acknowledge what has contributed to it, because in our culture of social media we see lots of the wins people have, but we don’t know the hard work or endurance that has gone into them, which makes us feel like we aren’t doing as well as other people who appear to so effortlessly have these amazing lives.

So although a relaxed Sunday afternoon is not a glamorous night out on the town, its not some sunny picture of the bottom half of my legs on a beautiful beach, or me holding a trophy of some sort, for some people on their worst day in the pits of postnatal depression it may seem like an effortless amazing life and so for those people I need to explain that today’s win comes as a result of a combination of anti-depressant medication which has been consistently taken for 6 weeks now; sleeping tablets and 9 hours sleep a night (Yes I have a 13 week old and am achieving this but that is through an unconventional management plan between my husband and myself, which I will explain in another post one day); the ‘as needed’ use of medication in the face of panic attacks as they occur; individual one on one counselling fortnightly as well as the start of weekly group counselling; an amazing support network of various family and friends who I reach out to as needed; attempts at meditation, lots of prayer, and most recently a visit from a Sleep Nanny who has helped us get our baby to nap in the daytime (worth every penny).

This afternoon hasn’t come easy, it hasn’t come cheap, so why the heck would I not celebrate it?

If you have a win you are celebrating today please let me know so we can celebrate with you too.

xxx Mumma Mich

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