My experience with Dostinex (Cabergoline) in suppressing lactation

Today’s post is primarily a post for those desperate, trapped and tired mums searching the internet for another mums experience with Dostinex otherwise known as Cabergoline.
What the heck is that the rest of you may ask? Well this is the meds I used to suppress my milk supply when the time came.

I will post about my breastfeeding / pumping / mastitis hell at another time but I want to share my experience with dostinex so that other searchers might see it.

I spent a full 7 days desperately searching the internet for experiences of others who suppressed their lactation in this way, mainly because I was in such a state that I wanted to do it but was convinced I would die if I did. Athough I found posts on forums that said they had used the medicine, no one really explained what it was like to use as I had ideas of engorgement and leaking and pain for days on end, and no one mentioned what it was like weeks down the line.

So my experience of dostinex was that I took it at 5pm on a Saturday and no longer pumped from then on, for a week previous I had taken sage capsules and sinus meds to reduce my supply (oversupply was my main issue), and then I got very very bad mastitis so it was time to just stop it. 

Overnight I used cold compresses on the boobs, but I never felt any engorgement, it was just like the milk was gone.

For 3 weeks I wore a firm bra 24/7, and for about a week used breast pads as I had some little leaks every now and then. I also avoided any nipple stimulation such as direct impact from the water in the shower. 

Whilst I had the occasional boob ache I had no physical issues related to the dostinex and it brought much needed relief from being trapped in an over supply pumping cycle. So the medication served its purpose.

However it would be remiss of me not to fill you in on the other ramifications which I think the meds contributed to. I did have a significant mental health shift 4 days following the dostinex. Was it the giant hormonal drop from all the feel good breastfeeding hormones? (They reccomended gradual weaning to avoid this), was it the post-hospital stay blues after being separated from my baby for 4 nights whilst treated for mastitis? was it the time and space to break down after 6 weeks of 3.5 hourly pumping stuck in survival mode, was it the set in of postnatal depression? I think it was the combination of all of them, but I do think the hormonal shift was a significant factor in setting in of severe anxiety.

In saying that if I had the choice I would do it again because I couldn’t keep the mastitis at bay and feel my health would have continued to decline physically and mentally had I continued. 

So if you are desperate for your milk hell to end, you have a good support network in place and are prepared for the possibility of the ramifications of a giant hormone drop even if that means depression or anxiety, then I say it’s an option to seriously consider. It’s safe, it’s used regularly for this purpose and it worked fast.

If you aren’t as desperate and want to avoid the above then maybe slowly weaning is a better option if you can avoid mastitis in the meantime. 

Either way that is my experience for what it’s worth.


Mumma Mich 

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