Rambling about overwhelming days

Some days are just write off days, those days where you drag open your eye lids in disbelief that it is morning already and tell yourself you just need to survive until you can have that caffienated elixir of life that transforms you into yourself again.

Some days that caffeinated elixer doesn’t touch the sides of your inner dishevelment and you trudge the day with the wit and speed of a sloth and the knowledge that it will be bedtime again soon.

It sounds so sad to think of the coming bedtime in the morning you’ve just woken, but some days are overwhelming for whatever reason be it sleep, hormones, realisations, ruminations or just super intense feelings about life, and a day filled with sleep times and nappies and bottles and the jobs of the day mean you know the next real rest time is bedtime.

You tackle the day with as much enthusiasm as you can muster and you make it through the day like the legend that you are and you find yourself in bed again anticipating what the next day will bring because although there are rubbish days filled with anticipating slumber, there are also those amazing moment by moment days where everything falls into place and it feels like the world smiles as you take the day filled with warmth and appreciation and the tasks of the day get done without feeling like jobs and the caffiene works it’s magic and the sparkle in your eyes shines. 

I wonder what tommorrow holds? 

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